13th Century Magicians Scrying Ball Pendant AA Quality Crystal Quartz in Sterling Silver

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The art of scrying is an age old practice and this elegant replication of a 13th Century Magicians Scrying Ball Pendant is absolutely elegant! Each piece is created by hand with extreme attention to detail and features a "AA" Gem Quality Clear Crystal Quartz Ball, the finest Crystal Quartz available, encased within this beautiful sterling silver 13th Century design. 

Crystal balls are powerful, time-honored instruments of divination. They allow you to access, amplify, and project energies not normally available. Their use in healing, activating creativity, foretelling the future, and balancing the human energy system is timeless. Scrying, the art of divining by looking into an appropriate surface and receiving information in the form of visions, has been used by healers, shamans, and witch doctors for divination since ancient times.

These pendants are so beautiful, they can be worn by both men and women. A stunning piece of magical jewelry will last for generations.

These are artist designed pieces we carried many years ago and each are one of a kind (OOAK). Comes carefully boxed with ribbons.

Balls that are 16mm - 1.25 inch long are set in a five prong setting. Since the size is smaller, there are some slight design styling changes. Comes on a silver plated chain.

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