Amber & Oud Wildflower Diffuser Pendant Locket with Pure Amber Resins & Ancient Agarwood

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Our Amber & Oud Wildflower Diffuser Pendant Locket, handmade here at White Magick Alchemy, is styled to allow the magickal essences of pure golden amber resin and natural wooding oud encompassed within the locket to be released all around you. Beautiful silver wildflower filigree cage with a hinge snap closure measures 1.25" and it hangs on a beautiful 18" silver plated chain with clasp.

You won't need to wear perfume when you're wearing this elegant pendant locket filled with pure aromatic golden amber resin and sweet ancient oud. Oud, or Agarwood, is one of the world's most prized and expensive oils in the world today, referred to as "liquid gold". The oil is actually more expensive than gold in today's market. The fusion of these two mystical essences is pure magick! The resin can also be used as an all-natural body essence by gently rubbing a small piece onto the skin. Simply open the locket to reveal the resin inside. Wear as a necklace as a natural perfume, hang in the car over your rear view mirror, its a beautiful essence for the car. The diffuser styled cage will allow the essence to flow all around you.

The natural essence of amber and oud calms the mind, opens the heart, and smells absolutely divine. For meditation, purification, luck, clearing, love and balance workings within nature.


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