Aragonite Gemstone Spheres for Healing, Calming Nerves, Insight & Spiritual Enlightenment

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Aragonite is a wonderful stone for grounding and is very useful in deep meditation. It is a stabilizing stone that can help balance emotions, which makes this a good stone for family and relationships, helping to ease tensions, restlessness and nerves (anxiety). Essentially, Aragonite is another gemstone a part of the magickal healing stone family.

During stressful and challenging times, it helps to keep one centered with a clear head and steady hand. It also enhances insight when dealing with unbalances in the physical realm, as well, stimulates communications on higher planes. Aragonite teaches one patience and acceptance. Because of their structure, they send energy out in different directions which creates an outcome of heightened light and energy in their surroundings. In essence, these amazing Aragonite gems show us how we relate to the universe as a whole.

These are absolutely gorgeous pieces, each super polished. Each Aragonite sphere is beautifully polished featuring beautiful natural banding, measures approx 2 inches round, and I will hand-pick one for you that you will love. 

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