Black Cat . Organic Catnip for Love, Cat Magick and Silly Kitties

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***** Five Paws! Approved by Gracie, Rosie, Bingo, Gonzie & Famke Jansen

I don't know exactly when it happened, but hundreds of years ago some European farmer found his cats rolling around in a patch of minty weeds, acting silly. He named that minty weed catnip.

Scientists have since named it Nepeta Cataria, and have even figured out what it is about this member of the mint family that brings out the kitten in even the most dignified of cats. The answer is Nepetalacone, a chemical that is concentrated in special glands on the surface of the catnip leaves. When the delicate membranes around the glands are broken, a scent is released that triggers a pleasure center in the cat's brain. Cats then roll around, rub, jump, salivate, and play for 10 or 15 minutes, then calm down and often end up napping.

Its magickal uses promote beauty, happiness, attraction and love. Give it to your cat to create a psychic bond. Catnip is also called the Woman's Love Herb because it is said to make women enticing and charming to make men ready and increase their nature. Carrying Catnip in a mojo bag or charm will make the man you want be attracted to you. Sprinkle around the four corners of the bed or burn as incense to attract a new lover.

A 2 ounce jar is packed full of Black Cat Organic Catnip Makes the purfect gift for your feline familiar. Just sprinkle a bit on the floor, sit back and watch the fun as they get their groove on!~

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1 Review

Jasmine 21st Nov 2011

Picky Kitten Approved!

The catnip from WMA was fresh, well packaged, and my two (very picky) girls absolutely loved it. I put it on their cat tree and it's kept them out of my hair when I'm trying to do anything magickal in my study! It was well worth the money and such a better deal than going to Petco!

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