Black Gardenia . Alchemy Perfume Potion . Roll-On Perfume Oil

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Gardenia is one of the most fragrant flowers of the earth. Its sweet floral essence has been known to seduce and bewitch which is why wearing the essence of Gardenia during love and attraction spells and rituals can bring positive results. Gardenia is associated with the Lunar Goddess and is a wonderful flower and essence to use with lunar spell workings. The Gardenia is also an essence of peace, compassion, love, dreams, fertility, healing, psychic awareness, spirituality and also lends to promote a peaceful nights sleep. 

If you love our Black Gardenia Candle, you will love our Black Gardenia Perfume Oil. True to the natural essence of a fresh blooming Gardenia flower.

1/3 ounce of this beautifully rich floral essence is contained within a convenient roll-on bottle. 

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1 Review

Diana 13th Jul 2018


I'm a floral girl. And I love gardenias. I grow them in my garden. This is one of the truest gardenia scents that I've found on the perfume market. And I've tried a lot of gardenia perfumes over the years. This scent will go on strong, but mellows quickly, leaving a mellow gardenia scent that lasts all day. It is a gorgeous, voluptuous scent.

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