Black Obsidian Gemstone Medallions, Protection & Deflecting Negative Energies

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New Black Obsidian Gemstone Medallions, some with silver and gold sheen! Each medallion measures approx 1" and is about 1/4" thick. These are perfect for use as a worry or palm stone, placed upon your altar, or even tucked in your purse or bra. Anyway you harness the power of Black Obsidian energy, you will love these powerful volcanic stones.

Obsidian is a type of natural glass, formed when lava is rapidly cooled.  It can be found all over the world wherever volcanic activity has occurred, but most notable deposits are located in California, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming and Utah in the U.S., and Mexico, Italy, Iceland and Scotland worldwide. Other colors of Obsidian can occur when small bubbles of air become trapped within Obsidian's layers just before cooling which can create what is known as Sheen Obsidian. These can be in hues of red (containing Hematite), blue, purple, gold, or even a full rainbow sheen. Just gorgeous material.

Obsidian is a stone of change and growth. Its a powerful gemstone that radiates positive, loving energies. A relaxing stone, Black Obsidian brings peace and calm to mind, body and spirit and its a wonderful stone to help you release your own stress and anxiety. It's magical power also deflects and shields negativity, spirits, harmful energies, evil eyes, psychic vampires (people who are draining your spiritual energy, vitality and emotion), clearing negative influence brought about by judgments and/or projections, any negative past life energies, and last but not least, oneself. It is a very protective stone and is very useful in removing negative energies, emotional and spiritual. Aids in eliminating bad habits and may help to reduce cravings.

Obsidian said to be a very powerful stone, reminding one that birth and death are simultaneous and constantly present, not as one with the other, but always as one. Its no wonder Black Obsidian is a stone of Samhain and the mysteries of the otherworld. This stone has powers some may not be prepared for. Obsidian spheres are wonderful scrying tools with their reflective beauty, but are again quite powerful and should be used with caution. If you are using Crystal Quartz and the results are not clear, attempt the same ritual with Obsidian.

Very cool unique pieces. Would be totally neat as a wire wrapped jewelry piece too. Premium material.

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