Black Obsidian Gemstone Spheres in Silver Sheen & Rainbow Obsidian 2.25"

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White Magick Alchemy's Obsidian gemstone pieces come from only one region in the world and is mined deep within the secret mountains of Mexico. We are actually good friends with our suppliers, a family in Mexico who just happens to own the large mountain property where the finest most sought after Obsidian is mined. In addition to our vast selection of premium black, gold sheen, silver sheen, mahogany and other formations of Obsidian including Blue Obsidian, featured in this listing are some amazing Black Rainbow Obsidian Gemstone Spheres and Silver Sheen Spheres.

Black Obsidian, which comes in a variety of colors and unique inclusions, is a stone of change and growth. Its a powerful gemstone that radiates positive, loving energies. A relaxing stone, Black Obsidian brings peace and calm to mind, body and spirit and its a wonderful stone to help you release your own stress and anxiety. It's magickal power also deflects and shields negativity, spirits, harmful energies, evil eyes, psychic vampires (people who are draining your spiritual energy, vitality and emotion), clearing negative influence brought about by judgments and/or projections, any negative past life energies, and last but not least, oneself. It is a very protective stone and is very useful in removing negative energies, emotional and spiritual. Aids in eliminating bad habits and helps to reduce cravings.

Right now I have Black Obsidian Spheres in Rainbow Obsidian and Silver Sheen each measuring approx 2.25" diameter. Natural color variations, rainbows and silver sparkles are contained within each beautiful gemstone sphere. Each sphere is hand chosen to insure that you will receive only the most gorgeous piece available. We do not purchase in sight-unseen bulk. Each piece is carefully hand selected by my husband Casey and I and we pick only premium crystals and gems from around the globe to share with you. We hope you enjoy these Obsidian selections!



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