UPDATE: We're Temporarily Closed for Moving!

UPDATE: August 28, 2023 - We're back to moving again! Moving date is Sept 6th and since we've unpacked some of the studio, now we have to pack it all up again. We're not just moving the studios, but our entire house so its a big job. Construction will resume on our new studios about Sept 20th but are setting up the shop in another area during that time so we get back to business asap. I'll shoot you another email on timing as soon as I know more. What I do know is I just made a ton of candles for Samhain so expect a re-opening sooner than later.

In summary:

1) WMA is now temporarily closed during the moving/construction phase as we transition to our new permanent home and studio location beginning today, Monday Aug 28, 2023.

2) The shop and carts will remain open during the transition. Orders placed during this time will have a turn-around time of approx 2 to 6 weeks to be safe. As soon as we reopen orders will be in queue. We kindly ask that you don't place orders unless you want to be in queue upon reopening as all sales are always final.

3) Orders that were recently received are in queue and will be shipped asap.

4) We will keep you posted on updates and our reopening date. Our goal is to reopen as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Hang tight, we'll be right back.

Magickal blessings,

Nancy xo

UPDATE:  Aug 17, 2023 -  We're excited to announce that we have temporarily REOPENED for the next few weeks! Due to unforeseen delays, we had to postpone our moving plans for a spell, but we're thrilled to be back in business.

RE: July 27, 2023 - We're moving! And we're building new studios for White Magick Alchemy too!