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Blood Moon is an exquisite blending of lunar essences, honoring the magic, mystery and the divine, encompassed in an ethereal fragrance oil.

Since ancient times, the Lunar Goddess reigns as the feminine force of the moon. The Moons divine energy is a great force which we draw power and strength from during ritual. Lunar magic plays an important role for us as honor the Goddesses, utilizing each lunar phase within our spellworkings and rituals to invoke spiritual energy.

Blood Moon, an original formula created by White Magick Alchemy, is an mysterious blending of dark earthly essences. Jasmine, Rose, Dragons Blood, Bladderwrack, Golden Amber and sweet floral Moonflower. Blood Moons top notes are floral that fuse with the essence of the soft musky earth. Is one of my personal favorites. If you love our Blood Moon Candle, you will love our Blood Moon Perfume Oil.

1/3 ounce of this feminine floral moon blessed oil is contained within a convenient roll-on bottle.

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