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This magical gemstone has been used magically for over 3,000 years!  I love these new Bloodstone Medallions. These are highly polished, super smooth, each gemstone medallion measuring approx 1" and is about 1/4" thick. These are perfect for use as a worry or palm stone, placed upon your altar, or even tucked in your bra. Anyway you harness the energy, Bloodstone is said to be a wonderful detoxifier for the blood, body, and initiates healing and renewal on almost all levels. Helps overcome depression, pain and anxiety too.

The Bloodstone has ancient associations with blood and has a wide variety of uses relative to it's energy. Bloodstone is part of the Chalcedoney family and is also known as Heliotrope. You see back in ancient times, once the stones were polished, they were described as a reflection of the sun, perhaps reminding the ancients of the dark red sun setting on the ocean. Heliotrope is the fusion of two Greek words. Helios, meaning the sun, and tropos, meaning to turn.

The eternal message that lies within the Bloodstone is for one to be "present now", harnessing mystical energies to increase adaptability and organization by lessening anxiety and confusion, thus amplifying concentration allowing one to be more present. The stone is said to grant power of renewal, physical, emotional, as well as mental. It has been told to offer powers of providing for the revitalization and renewal of all relationships, in friendship as well as love.

Bloodstone is used in healing, to ensure success, attract money, and protect pregnant women. It also can be used to produce "invisibility" or "cloaking" when in a place or involved in a situation where one does not wish to attract attention to oneself. Bloodstone ensures justice and fairness in court and legal affairs. It also fosters creativity, development of talent, idealism, and good fortune. Magical lore says that when a Bloodstone's energy is depleted, the red spots will turn to white, and the stone should be returned to the earth. Bloodstone is relative to the element of fire.

Very cool unique pieces. Would be totally neat as a wire wrapped jewelry piece too. Premium material.

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