Blue Calcite Gemstone Wands, Health, Well-being, Anxiety, Stress, Immune Strength, Focus

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Beautiful amazing Blue Calcite gemstone wands! Blue Calcite is a calming stone that brings about peace and wellness. It's blue vibration is one of magick, healing and love, helping to calm frayed nerves, ease stress, anxiety and tension, and also easing physical pain. Stimulates trust in oneself and helps enhance memory and focus. A wonderful stone for students, as it helps retain lessons learned and amplifies learning. It will also foster enlightened discussion, and eases communication between people with opposing views. It also is told to be effective against laziness.

Each beautiful crystal Blue Calcite wand measures approx 5" and is approx 1-1/4" wide. Super nice jumbo pieces and premium Blue Calcite material. Enjoy!



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