Blue Calcite Gemstones Natural Raw Jumbo

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Blue Calcite is a loving and calming stone that brings about peace and stability. It helps stimulate trust in oneself enhancing memory. Quite helpful in calming frayed nerves, stress and anxiety, it is said to be effective against laziness, as well, help with general pain. The stone also helps foster enlightened discussion and eases communication between people and couples with opposing views. Great stone for students as it helps to retain lessons learned and helps with mental clarity. 

These are gorgeous jumbo sized stones radiating with a beautiful blue color as you can see in the photo. They are literally shimmering from the inside out. Directly in from Madagascar, these super sized natural stones are priced right at $5.00. You won't be disappointed. Each stone is roughly 2". 

Peace -

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1 Review

Christa 7th Sep 2018


These are very lovely and bring feelings of deep peace. They emit such sweet peaceful blessings.

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