Buddha Candle Holder in Stone - Zen Vibes, Ultimate Happiness

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Made of stone, this Buddha candle holder will add relaxed and Zen-like vibes to your space. Buddhists find that gazing upon the image of the Buddha gives them a clear role model in their own paths toward spiritual enlightenment. Buddha statues can be seen sitting or standing, smiling or laughing, and with his hands in a number of different gestures. These postures and gestures all carry different symbolism and relate to different qualities embodied by the Buddha, including grace, balance, compassion, wisdom, determination and courage. The Buddha is recognized as a symbol of peace of mind. A glimpse of the sublime Buddha, with his eyes gently closed and his lips curved into a subtle smile, may provide inspiration to deepen your own practice of inner peace.

Namaste -

Stone Buddha holder measures 6 x 6 x 8 and comes with a tealight.

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