Crystal Consecration Herbal Pouch for Consecrating and Enhancing Magickal Energy to your Crystals, Jewelry and More

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In many Pagan traditions, magical tools, crystals, jewelry and the altar are consecrated before use. Consecration purifies a magical item before it is used to interact and connect with the Divine and removes any negative energies should the tools past history remain unknown. By offering a tool to the powers of the Divine, it is then consecrated and blessed, and at that time it is cleansed and can then be used in your magickal workings.

The Sacred Altar Consecration Herbal Blend is a witch blessed fusion of organic magickal herbs to aid in consecrating your crystals, jewelry and tools. I have hand selected each herb and flower to purify and cleanse all negative energies and past lives from your magickal items including herbs and flowers which connect to the Divine and the elements of nature, earth, air, fire and water. Each batch is charged under the New Moon, then left for 3 days during the waning moon. 

Each beautiful beaded pouch contains a blessed blend of sacred sage, juniper, anise, vervain, lavender, broom, chamomile, rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint, sandalwood, basil, lemon verbena, mugwort and violet. Natural salt crystals are added to further cleanse and purify. These large salt crystals are in their natural state and are solar evaporated from the clear blue waters off the coast of Brazil. 

You may charge your herbs personally, perhaps under the light of the moon. Place your crystals and magickal tools inside the pouch containing the Sacred Altar Consecration Herbal Blend and charge appropriately. Your magickal items are cleared of all negative energies, empowered with new positive energy, renewed to enhance the magic contained within.

You will receive one Sacred Altar Consecration Herbal Pouch, in Black and embellished with gorgeous beads.

Sacred Altar Consecration Herbs are also available in a lovely large glass bottle

Magickal Blessings ~

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1 Review

Tess 8th Sep 2020


This blend is so much better than expected. Not only is it a large amount, it smells divine! I am looking forward to using this on each new magickal item I make or bring into my home.

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