Dragon Stone Freeforms for Fiery Dragon Energy, Wealth, Courage, Power & Breaking Old Habits

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Absolutely stunning Dragon Stone freeforms, these gorgeous rare pieces are super polished and big! Dragon Stone, or Dragons Blood Stone, is an ancient and honored gemstone. It is said that the stone comes from fossil remains of ancient dragons, the green being the skin of the dragon and red the blood of the dragon. It is in itself, a beautiful gemstone, each with it’s own unique colors. The colors are a mysterious mix of light and dark green veins of deep blood red. Swirls of jades and deep forest greens in a paisley pattern bring joy and deep comfort to a heart chakra in need of healing energy.

A stone of courage, wealth, health, strength and renewal, it is also a gemstone of perception and power. It squashes self-doubt, confusion, fear, anxiety and sadness and replaces it with confidence and will-power. If you need to break old habits Dragon Stone is the gem for you. As you break away from old behaviors, new positive behaviors will replace those which are no longer serving you nor the greater good. Quite an amazing gemstone.

Dragon teaches you responsibility for your soul and how to live a life of honor. A dragon is not a domesticated animal, rather a sentient journeyer amidst many realms. An excellent ally and a worthy opponent, carry Dragon Stone to invite such qualities to oneself. From Australia, the only place in the world where Dragons Stone can be found.

Manifest Dragons Stone fiery energy! Each beautiful freeform piece measures approx 4" to 4.25" x 3" Each piece is totally uniquely shaped and each one is different as you can see by the photo.

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