Dream Pillow Muslin Pouches for Dreamtime and Astral Protection, Peaceful Sleep and Relaxation

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These darling little pouches are filled with the most amazing mix of organic herbs to soothe the mind before dreamtime. The aromatic herbal Dreamtime blend tucked inside each muslin pouch is created using herbs well known to facilitate a peaceful nights sleep, draw ones psychic abilities and power for safe astral travel, and provide protection during "out of body" experiences. 

A special proprietary blending of 9 organic flowers, petals and herbs, are contained in a sweet 3x4.5 muslin pouch, stamped with a Moon & Sun. Breathe in the aroma of these relaxing and calming herbs before bedtime, then throw the little lovelies between the pillows and off you go!~ A wonderful way to begin your journey into slumberland, especially if you have troubles falling asleep or staying asleep ~

If you'd like, you can take a pinch out and burn on a charcoal disk and use as an incence before retiring. Always use a cast iron cauldron or heat and flame resistant bowl when burning loose incenses. And remember to extinquish the incense before you turn out the lights and go to sleep for the night. 

You will receive one Dream Pillow Muslin Pouch or a gorgeous larger sized satin bag.

Nigh nigh....

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