Elestial Quartz Polished Twin Point for Change and Transformation

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Polished Elestial Quartz twin point. This is on the clearer side for an Elestial, but there are rainbows in here and the Elestial pattern. Lovely smokey wisps abound. This measures 4-1/2” tall X 3-1/2” wide X 2-1/2” thick. This is a heavy large piece as well. Super show stopper. Fantastic quality and an amazing magical piece, and thats no joke. Who ever sees the beauty in this and can appreciate what this piece is all about, bravo!!!

About Elestial Quartz -

Elestial Quartz supports and helps enhance one on their spiritual journey, while assisting in past life recall and understanding. It also aids in the connection of the spirit and the high vibrational energies of the angelic realm.They contain the inherent wisdom of the higher planes of existence, which can be accessed through meditation. It can be used during times of  change and transformation in helping to stabilize and convert the energies. They are also good to use when one wants to tap into the Akashic Records and the wisdom of the universe.

An excellent stone to use when learning to drop one's earthly attachments. It is good to use with a piece of Fluorite to help keep things on a practical level. Great in assisting with a gateway to the information about one's past, present and future.

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