Elestial Quartz Rainbow Point

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This amazing Elestial Quartz point is $275.00. This is on the clearer side for an Elestial, but there are rainbows in here and the Elestial pattern. Lovely smokey wisps abound. This measures 4-1/2” tall X 3-1/2” wide X 2-1/2” thick. This is a heavy piece as well. Note the twin points on this beauty. When we hunt for gemstones to share here with you here at WMA, we are looking for unique stones with wild characteristics, rare one of a kind gemstone pieces, and crystals that embody good energy. This piece may not show that great on photo, but if you can look beyond into the crystal, I think you'll be able to see whats going on with this amazing polished specimen. What a great altar piece!

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