Faerie Tree Resin Incense with Faerie Essences for Nature, Psychic, Spirit Workings, Divination, Wishes & Blessings

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It has long been written that the gift of faerie sight is very rare indeed. For with it, you will find your healing powers enhanced, your divination more accurate, and your ability to see into the otherworld stronger than ever before.

Faerie Tree All Natural Resins are an exquisite blending of colorful saps and resins from around the globe. A wonderful resin to burn for faerie workings. For faerie, nature, psychic, spirit workings, divination, healing, wishes & blessings. A natural bouquet of frankincense, saps and resins encompassing sweet deep woody florals, lemon and pine, all faerie favorites.

Resin incenses have been burned for centuries during ritual work to invoke the spirits. This magickal blend will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with a lovely pure and sweet natural fragrance. This aromatic sacred smoke is so powerful that just a few pieces burned on a disk will fill up your sacred space with this empowering essence.

Resin incenses are made to be burned on a charcoal disk in a cauldron or heat safe incense vessel. Its best to keep all incenses and oils safely tucked away from children and pets.

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