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The Fortuna Alchemy Charm Pendant encompasses herbs, flowers, roots, and gemstones well known for their magickal drawing powers to bring luck in money matters, success in business, abundance, prosperity, and is a powerful amulet to wear for those who seek employment and for those who play the lottery or gamble.

Devils Shoestring, a root used in hoodoo mojo bags and rootwork magic, is well known for its ability to aid those who need help getting a job and or need luck in gambling. Aventurine, called the “Luck Stone”, is often used in money spells and is also known as the “Gamblers Stone”. Brass (pictured), of which the necklace is made, is often substituted for gold in money spell workings and is a metal which attracts wealth and money. When worn upon the body, Devils Shoestring, Aventurine and Brass (of which the necklace is made from) alone will amplify ones ability to draw in luck, success and prosperity. But there is so much more tucked inside this magickal lucky bottle.

Fortuna hangs on a 18 inch chain, At the end, a Swarovski crystal bead and filigree capped briolette drop (drops colors may vary). Handmade to order and created with intent and magick especially for you, each phial measures 1.25 inches long, 2 inches including the drop. Your charm will be charged and blessed with the positive, loving energy and tucked inside a sweet gift box with ribbon.

The Fortuna Alchemy Charm Pendant is best harnessed with the Bronze as pictured and is not currently available in silver. Handmade to order, each talisman necklace will be made with intent and magick just for you.

Abundant Blessings!


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