Full Moon Crystal Incense Potion for Empowerment, Abundance, Divine Love, Blessings . Sacred Herbs, Woods, Powders, Crystals

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This is an beautiful and powerful incense potion blend to assist the witch in invoking power, the Gods and Goddesses, and working with the most powerful of all moon phases, the Full Moon. A special blending of moon-blessed herbs, woods, pure essential oils, aromatic all-natural botanical powders, resins and crystal gemstones, the potion has been kissed with the shimmering essence of the moon itself. Created on the night of the last full moon among my garden of lit candles and the natural light and illumination of the divine moon, all of my handmade incenses, oils and potions are crafted, charged and blessed with sacred intent for you to harness within your magical workings. Specifically charged for empowerment, sacred magick, love, prosperity, goddess and moon magic.

My naturally aromatic Full Moon Crystal Incense Potion will bring the power of magic and intent into your spell workings and rituals with love and light. Sprinkle a small amount into your cauldron or heat and flame resistant vessel with a prepared charcoal disk. The aroma will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with lovely pure natural fragrance and the power of the Full Moon. 

A 2.5 ounce glass jar is filled with this magical moon Crystal Incense Potion. Remember to always keep burning incenses away from children and pets.

Moon Blessings -

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1 Review

15th Dec 2011


The instant I smelled it, I got the chills! A fantastic blend, and a great light scent that carries thru the air. I had to use some right away! It is obvious that this is a sincere, no corners cut product filled with light and positivity.

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