Gemstone Spheres Intuitively Chosen for Radiating Life-Force Energy

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The shape of the sphere symbolizes the universe, radiating and sending out energy and in all directions, which is why working with spherical shapes can connect us to and harness infinite life-force energy. When gemstones are made into spheres, the spherical shape combined with the healing, magical and metaphysical meanings of a specific gemstone can fuse into an amazing and useful tool/piece in your spiritual workings.

You will love these! I will chose a special magickal sphere for you relative to what I feel resonates with your own personal energy. Whether its a Labradorite for strength, self-confidence and healing, Citrine for abundance and success, Black Obsidian for deflecting negative energies, or Crystal Quartz for radiating all of the colors of the spectrum, allow the spherical energies of these gorgeous gemstones to grace you and your sacred space with their boundless infinite magick!

Each sphere measures approx 1.25"

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