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Since ancient times, wands have been used for healing, gathering and directing energy. Grandfathers Sacred Directional Enegy Disbursement Wands can be used for drawing circles, blessings, as a Talking Stick or for calling spirits in addition to directing negative energies out of the body or directly positive energies into the physical body.

These gorgeous Directional Wands are handmade by Grandfather just for White Magick Alchemy!~ Each piece is one of a kind made and display unsurpassed craftsmanship using Manzanita Wood, naturally harvested Buck Skin and Crystal Quartz Points. Manzanita, is a wood which encompasses the element of fire. It's myriad of magical properties includes bringing peace and calm to sacred spaces and within the home, filling it with positive loving energy. Protection, deepens spiritual connections, love, seduction and strong healing powers. Manzanita is also a wood for banishing negative energies, protection, force against enemies (which actually has the ability to create panic in ones enemies), its a very nurturing wood which enhances strength and power.

Available in two colors presently, Mocha & Cream, each wand measures approx 5.5 inches long and is approx .75 wide. 


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