Hibiscus Flowers for Love & Attraction, Lust & Sex Magick - 1oz Fresh Dried Flower

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Hibiscus is a beautiful flower used in love, lust and attraction spell workings. A must have for sex magick workings. A divinatory herb, Hibiscus can be used in divination herbal blends or even scattered upon scrying waters to help us divine answers to ourselves. Hibiscus is a wonderful natural flower that can be used as an incense for love spells. A popular flower used in many tea blends, it releases a beautiful red color when brewed, and it is for this reason Hibiscus has been known as a lust inducing drink. In ancient times, Egyptian women were forbidden to drink the tea created by the Hibiscus flower. Or perhaps the drink was given to them solely when it was appropriate to bring about the lust inducing powers of the sacred Hibiscus Flower.

Many of my herbs and flowers are locally grown and harvested in the beautiful Sonoma Valley in California and the Valley of the Moon by farmers who are passionate about providing folks with natural organic herbs grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

You will receive a one ounce package of beautifully freshly dried red Hibiscus flower petals.

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