Justice Ritual Spell Jar Vigil Candle . Revealing Truth, Legal Matters

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Justice in general can be perceived in several different ways depending upon the circumstance. Righteousness, just conduct, upholding of what is "just", and the administering of deserved punishment or reward.

Hekate is the Goddess of magick, justice and balance. She can help guide you when lifes unexpected events are revealed and when decisions need to be made. The Goddess of Justice, she knows no bounds. She sees clearly in all directions with divine knowledge of the truth. Hekate will insure that justice will prevail and that those who spill lies and untruths will get precisely what they deserve. It is also important to note, that if you have behaved
unjustly, dont bother with Justice workings as they will not serve you.

The Justice Ritual Spell Jar Vigil Candle has been charged, blessed, and dressed with empowering herbs, flowers and crystals to facilitate justice and truth to aid you in your intentional workings for justice. A great candle for legal matters of all kinds.

Detailed instructions are on the back. 
Each candle measures 8 inches tall and 2.25 round
Burn time is approximately 120 hours

These types of glass jar candles are meant to be burned continuously or for extended periods of time, thus earning them name "Vigil Lights. They can be extinguished and relit daily as safety reminds is to never leave burning candles unattended.

If you cannot burn your Spell Candle perhaps for safety reasons or you don't want anyone to see your candles intention, please note in Message to Seller that you do not want the labels to be applied to the glass jar candle. They will be enclosed with your candle though so that you have all the detailed ritual spell instructions. Candles are unscented. You might also want to add a corresponding spell ritual oil to strengthen you in your magickal working.

Never leave burning candles unattended ~

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