Litha Casting Herbs for Summer Solstice Rituals, Offerings, Bonfires

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Litha Casting Herbs is a proprietary sacred fusion of blessed flowers, organic herbs and woods created to empower your midsummer bonfire. Simply cast a handful of this blessed blend right into your bonfire! There is plenty at hand. You can also use as a midsummer potpourri and place in a bowl upon the altar as an offering to the sun god, the goddess or the faeries, or to simply add an all natural essence within your sacred space. Cast a handful into your garden for a bountiful harvest and cast an herbal libation upon the earth.

Burn as a loose incense in your sacred burning vessel with a charcoal disk (charcoal is available under tools in the shop). This magickal blend will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with a pure organic and fragrant all natural fragrance. This authentic aroma is so powerful that just about a half a teaspoon full burned on a disk will fill up your sacred space with a mood transforming all-natural scent.

A sacred blending of lavender, calendula, hibiscus, rose, lilac, star anise, jasmine, rose and more.

Litha Casting Herbs are ready to cast into your midsummer bonfire, used as a sacred smudge to clear space, used in your solstice rituals and more. Packaged in an air-tight re-usable jar container, available in 16 ounce size only.

Use caution when burning around children and pets. Do not ingest.

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