Lodestone Crystals, Magnetic Sand, Drawing Money, Business Success, Keeping Luck In

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Lodestones have long been associated with the lore of attraction and considered by many as a magical drawing stone. Lodestones are natural magnets and are used in all sorts of spells, primarily to attract things like money and success towards you. Lodestones are traditionally fed with lodestone crystals during ritual spell workings and placed upon your prosperity altar during abundance workings. Feeding a pair of lodestones with lodestone crystals is said to keep the luck in.

Placed upon the altar, they are said to keep the abundance flowing towards you. Place a Lodestone in a charm bag with other stones to make them more powerful, drawing greater wealth, stronger love and better health. Here are just some of the powers attributed to the Lodestone and how these magical stones have been used through out the ages:

Attract Love - Carry two Lodestones in a small red bag. Love attracting herbs such as rose, yarrow or lavender are often added to strengthen the vibrations.

Business Success - Place a Lodestone in the cash register or cash box. Burn green candles around a Lodestone to bring in customers. 

Protection - Carry a Lodestone for protection. It is believed that a Lodestone will absorb negativity but not return it.

Healing - It is believed that Lodestone owing to its magnetic powers, draws out disease and pain from the body. The stone can be passed over or placed directly on the afflicted part of the body.

Feeding Lodestones with sand during spells and rituals increase the power of the Lodestone itself and aids in keeping the luck coming.

This little bottle contains approx 4 ml of Lodestone Crystals and will be good for several uses. Reusable.

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