Medieval Ornate Sword Knife Dagger Wall Hanging Display . 2 Piece

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This Medieval Ornate Sword Knife Dagger Wall Hanger allows you to display your swords on the wall vertically as opposed to horizontally. This opens up a new opportunities and new ways to show off some of the fine blades in your own collection of athames, daggers and swords. The ornate detailing on this sword hanger ensures that even when others take a closer look, the overall display will not be found lacking. The sword hanger consists of two pieces. One features an open, U-shaped design, and the other features a narrow ring. Used together, they support the sword, just beneath the guard and just around the point. Included with the hanger are four screws and fasteners, which make mounting these hangers easy. They are crafted in metal and finished in antique silver. Measures 3"
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