Nine Sacred Woods Ancient Cauldron Blend, Celtic and Druid Workings, Spiritual Enlightenment, Prophetic Dreams, Fertility, Abundance

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"Nine woods in the Cauldron go, 
burn them quick an' burn them slow"

The Nine Sacred Woods bring the power of the Druids and the reverence of the Wiccan Rede to your spell workings.

Each beautiful pouch holds a witch-blended mix of Oak, Cedar, Applewood, Willow, Hawthorn, Rowan (or Sandalwood), Birch, Ash, & Fir pieces, all ethically harvested with thanks given to each tree for its blessings and gifts.

Each of the sacred woods has its own unique correspondence and in tandem is used for spiritual elightenment, prophetic dreams, fertility, abundance and protection.

2 ounce packet

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