Patchouli Amber Resin Essence Premium Pure All-Natural Crystalized Resin Perfume

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Pure Crystallized Patchouli Amber is naturally crystallized with Styrax tree resin and pure aromatic Golden Amber essential oil and Patchouli oil. The natural essence of Amber calms the mind, opens the heart, and smells absolutely divine. For meditation, purification, luck, love and balance workings within nature, and cleansing during healing rituals, this true Patchouli Amber Resin can also be used for smudging to cleanse impurities and provide spiritual balance. A very special aromatic incense to enhance all spiritual workings and rituals.

Patchouli Amber resin can also be used as an all-natural body essence by gently rubbing a small piece onto the skin. Or place within your sacred space to enjoy its sweet natural fragrance. Put some in a locket or place a small bit in your cauldron on a prepared charcoal disk and burn as an incense.

You will receive 5 grams of Patchouli Amber Resin with a air tight plastic container to keep your Amber resin fresh.

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