Picture Jasper Gemstone Skull

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Our Picture Jasper gemstone Skulls are hand cut and polished with beautiful gem quality crystal gemstones. Each Picture Jasper Skull measures 1.5" tall x 1.75" long x 1.25" thick.

About Picture Jasper~

Picture Jasper is an amazing stone which connects and reminds us to ancient ways and civilizations. It can be used as a portal through which one can connect with the energy of sacred places during meditation. This beautiful Jasper allows one to tune in to power spots through the earths electromagnetic field and energy system, which helps us resonate with the energies of distant places and times through the earths record-keeping system. It is called Picture Jasper because it allows us into “pictures of the past”.

Picture Jasper, “The Third Eye of Mother Earth”, has long been used to create harmony, balance and positive energy flow in your life, especially in your business pursuits. It is often called the stone of Global Awareness. It is often used to stimulate creative visualization. It is told that it is used to bring out into the conscious mind, old and often hidden messages from the past. It is often used to bring out hidden fears as well as hopes. Once the repression is released, the lesson will be revealed.

Physically bringing out the past memories is helpful in healing the emotions that are attached to them. It will bring comfort and alleviate fears. It is a wonderful stone to use to give a boost to the immune system as well as to cleanse the kidneys. It also supports bone growth and healing.

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