Pink Sugar Faerie Alchemy Ritual Perfume Oil

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PINK SUGAR FAERIE | A favorite everyone loves (including the fae), Pink Sugar! This popular essence blends cotton candy, caramel, lemon drops and raspberry and smells sugary sweet! We've added a pinch of silvery faerie dust to the oil to add a little shimmering sparkle.

The use of sugar in spell workings is quite like honey. It brings about favorable circumstances, sweetening the outcome. Sugar love spells and honey spells are used for attraction, bewitching and alluring. Sugar spells can also be used to change up unfavorable conditions, say a quarrel with your spouse or a problem with a coworker. Sugar oils are ideal for faerie workings, kissing spells and luck.

Add a few drops to unscented lotion to make your own Pink Sugar lotion! You can even add a bit to the bath or anoint your faerie garden candles.

Choose 1/3 ounce contained within convenient roll-on bottle or our stamped 1 ounce frosted bottle (pictured).

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