Pure Vanilla Powder

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Vanilla facilitates peace and calm within our minds and bodies and just makes you feel happy. It's a magical unique sweet flavoring that can enhance the flavors of foods and beverages. Add some to your hot chocolate, a pinch to your baked goods! In magick, Vanilla is the essence of Love, Passion, Romance and Sex as well as strengthens mental clarity and boosts confidence. For love and attraction workings, sprinkle Vanilla Powder on the body or clothing.

Vanilla Bean Powder . Love, Attraction, Passion, Romance, Sex, Mental Clarity, Strength, Confidence

You will receive one ounce of pure all-natural organic Vanilla Bean Powder. Powder sold by weight.

To use as an Incense ~ Incense Powers are loose powders made with natural herbs and essential oils to be burned on a prepared charcoal disk in a safe burning vessel. They have long been burned for centuries during ritual work to create magick and invoke the spirits. Its magickal aroma will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with a lovely natural fragrance..

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