Rainbow Carborundum, Silicon Carbide, Rainbow Stardust the Conductor Crystal

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Carborundum is made by fusing silicon and carbon atoms together, and it actually mimics stardust in space. The end result is a formation of iridescent gold, pink, green, blue and purple sparkles.

In 1980 some guy was trying to make diamonds, and this was the result of his efforts. Cuts and scratches just like a diamond, they are super sparkly and colorful, and are just really cool interesting pieces. Many people say that Carborundum is a Master Healer stone as it balances all the chakras and is generally known to help with anxiety and releasing stress. Its kinda prickly when you hold it, and it feels really good in your hands too. The rainbow of colors is superb on these.

Each gorgeous sparkling piece measures approx 3.5 inches. So pretty!

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