Sanctuary Aromatherapy Essential Intention Beeswax Vigil Lights Candles

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All-natural beeswax is the purest of all candle waxes on earth. The pure and natural essence of the beeswax is simply beautiful in and of itself, richly scented with a deep, almost honey essence.

Our Sanctuary Vigil Candles are hand poured using pure essential oils giving each candle it’s own beautiful all-natural essence. With EO’s matched to each intention, poured by hand using 100% cotton wick, each candle is unique in itself, carrying slight variations in creamy golden colors with rich EO and honey aromas.

Remember to give thanks to our hard working bees for their hard labor to provide us with clean burning, long lasting, richly sweet and aromatic natural candles.

Available in the following intention and aromatherapy EO blends:

Awaken - Grapefruit & Spruce
Balance - Lavender & Peppermint
Harmony - Pure Lavender
Meditation - Cedarwood & Balsam
Radiance - Tangerine & Ylang Ylang
Rapture - Patchouli & Cassia
Rejuvenation - Sweet Orange & Clove Bud
Sensuality - Geranium & Ylang Ylang
Serenity - Frankincense & Lavender

Did you know:

Celtic mythology regarded the bee as the keeper of great knowledge and wisdom, and messengers between the worlds.

Honey has always been known as the sacred Nectar of the Gods.

Beeswax also releases negative ions when burned, which help to clean and freshen the air.

A bees lifespan is approximately 35 days and it takes thousands of bees just to make one pound of honey! 8 to 10 pounds of honey will yield only one pound of precious beeswax, which makes any beeswax candle a true offering from nature.

12.5 oz glass vigil candle burns for 90 hours
Glass dimensions are 2.5" diameter, 8" high
Each therapeutic aromatherapy blend combines only the finest essential oils with the purest beeswax

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