Sandalwood and Bourbon Vanilla Oil with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans . Alchemy Perfume Potion . Roll-On Perfume Oil

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An incredible fusion of two of the most aromatic essences on earth. Sandalwood and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla oils are blended to create a rich, enchanting and warm perfume potion that will intoxicate and bewitch. The blend is absolutely amazing! Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, the finest and most expensive vanilla on the planet, are added and infuse the oil with their all-natural sweet vanilla aroma. A truly delicious oil, with Sandalwood, a visionary essence to enhance psychic power and clairvoyance. A wonderful addition to rituals and spellworkings involving love, drawing, dreamworks, home blessings, protection, healing, clearing and meditation. And, a beautiful perfume ~

1/3 ounce of this richly warm and invoking oil is contained within a convenient roll-on bottle. 
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