Selenite Wands . Flat Bars for Cleansing and Charging Other Gemstones, Grids, Directional Wands

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Selenite is probably the most effective way to clear and charge your other gemstones as it neutralizes negative vibrations and makes one more receptive to the vibrations of other stones. These beautiful highly polished Selenite Flat Bar Wands are ideal for doing just that. I love the shape and size of these too. Great directional wands and for use in grids. Each bar measures 6.5" long and 1" wide.

Selenite is a stone of psychic communication, clarity, divination and intuition. It allows higher consciousness to expand spiritual awareness. A popular stone used by clairvoyants and mediums, Selenite will aid in otherworldly communications, psychic workings with spirit guides, angels, ancestors and loved ones. It clears the mind, allowing for mental clarity and focus and dispels confusion and mental blockage. A wonderful stone of protection, Selenite brings about peace within the home and among its occupants.

When not in use, keep your wands on your altar or wrapped in silk in a safe place. Never immerse Selenite in water, as it can be permanently damaged if exposed to water.

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