Shamans Crystal Incense Potion . Sacred Wood Smudging Incense Blend with Palo Santo, Sage, Herbs and Crystals, Clearing, Banishing

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A purifying blend of Palo Santo Holy Wood, sacred White Sage, Purple Sage, Rosemary, Broom, Eucalyptus, Frankincense and Myrrh resins fused and magically charged with Almandine Garnet for shielding negativity and Crystal Quartz, the universal crystal for protection and clearing. 
Palo Santo, also known as "sacred wood", is an all-natural, organic wood, used as incense since ancient times as a spiritual remedy for purification and cleansing, clearing negativity, evil spirits, misfortune, as well as for medicinal purposes. It has a fine citrus aroma with underlying notes of Frankincense, it's close relative. It is often used by Shaman in sacred plant and spirit ceremonies and for purification. A powerful incense smudge blend for clearing stagnant, negative, evil energies, banishing, cleansing, clearing, purification, healing and renewal of sacred space.
Sprinkle a small amount into your cauldron or heat and flame resistant vessel with a prepared charcoal disk to use as a smudge and sacred incense for clearing negativity from within your sacred space, during magical workings, ceremony or to fill your room with the beautiful all-natural essence of this sacred and ancient wood, resins and herbs.  Place in an offering bowl for protection. Just placing the blend within your home will fill the room with it's all-natural and purifying protective energy and essence.
A 2.5 ounce glass air-tight jar is filled with our handmade and blessed Shamans Crystal Incense Potion Incense Blend ~
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1 Review

sue 14th Oct 2018

Shaman incense

I love love my shaman incense. It smells heavenly and I can feel it clearing my energy. I can't wait to burn some. Thank you so much. I love love getting your packages-- I can feel all the wonderful energy -- wish all my gifts could come from here.

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