Snow Faerie Candles Alchemy Ritual with Faerie Essences, Rainbow Tourmaline & Crystal Quartz

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There is a Realm that shares our world, the Realm of the Faeries -

Gaze upon the iridescent shimmer of the Snow Faerie’s wing and know that you are now one of the faerie blessed.

So beautiful and abundantly aromatic, our new Snow Faerie Candles are scented with faerie essences of Violet, Rose, Woody Accords, Sandalwood, Clove & Cotton Blossom. Charged with Tourmaline crystals for happiness, light and laughter, and crystal Quartz gemstones for raising energy and intuition. Snow Faerie AR Candles are poured on the full moon calling in faerie energy. I always use a high amount of oils to ensure a high scent throw while lit or not lit placed within your sacred space or in your winter faerie garden! Perfect for ritual use and to add illumination and faerie essences during the winter months ahead.

Alchemy Ritual Candles are beautiful hand poured luxury candles, infused with sacred oils and energy crystals to amplify your spiritual workings. With ancient exotic essences matched to each intention, each candle is poured under its corresponding moon phase to enhance and heighten your practice and sacred space. Lovingly handmade in small batches with our luxurious creamy Apricot Coconut wax blend, each candle is infused with premium essential oils and essences from all around the world.

Each one of a kind and unique creation begins with a specific intent. It then transforms into a truly authentic aromatic magical masterpiece immersed in the spirit and tradition of Old World Magick.

Ritually charged and blessed with sacred sage, our candles are free from harmful additives, animal and poly based products.

CocoWax is our all-natural wax blend and contains no soy, palm or paraffin wax. Each candle is poured in a gorgeous re-usable recycled decorative glass cup and measures 3.5 x 3.5 - 8.5 oz / e 240 g

The next Snow Faerie pour is January 8th. They will ship around the 10th January.

Ritual Blessings -

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