Sugared Spring Ostara Ambrosia Alchemy Ritual Old World Stick Incense

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Sugared Spring Stick Incense infused with Crystal Quartz for raising energy!

If you love my Sugared Spring candles, my original Ambrosia Resin and the smell of Pink Sugar, you will love my new Sugared Spring Ostara Ambrosia stick incense! Loaded with sugary sweet sugar, pink sugar and lemon essential oil, Sugared Spring Incense is perfect for Ostara, spring rites and faerie gardens. This beautiful spring incense can also be harnessed for use in your spells and rituals. Traditionally sugar is used for attraction, money, love and success, spells where you wish to attract or summon something to you.

Made from the finest essential and essence oils, natural resins and raw woods, Alchemy Ritual SUGARED SPRING OSTARA AMBROSIA Old World Stick Incense is handmade in small batches then naturally air dried and cured before packaging. An absolutely amazing incense you and your sacred space will love, immersed in the spirit and tradition of Old World Magick.

Standard sticks measure approximately 11” long - Charcoal Free


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