Vegvísir Norse Viking Protection Amulet Pendant Necklace in 24K Gold

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The Vegvísir is an age old Norse protection symbol with with deep roots in ancient symbolism. The Icelandic word means guidepost or direction sign. In modern popular culture the Vegvísir is often called the Runic Compass or "See the Way". Often associated with the Viking Age, this ancient symbol is actually from the 17th century Icelandic grimoire called Galdrabók also known as the "magick book". The origin of this type of witchcraft is difficult to ascertain. To some extent it derives from medieval mysticism and renaissance occultism, but also has a few connections with the ancient Germanic runic tradition as the “pathfinder” rune.

Our Vegvísir Norse Protection Amulet is double-faced and measures approximately 40 x 40mm. Crafted with 24K gold plated over a premium lead and nickel free base metal, Vegvísir hangs on a 20" chain fitted with a lobster claw clasp. An amazing bold piece perfect for men & women. Vegvísir on one side, Celtic Shield symbolism on the reverse.

WMA Norse/Viking jewelry pieces are lead and nickel free -

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