White Magick . Alchemy Perfume Potion . Roll-On Perfume Oil

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White Magick is beautiful fusion of magical earthly and floral essences, honoring the magic and mystery of White Magick. 

White Magick, an original formula created by White Magick Alchemy, is an sensuous blending of Amber, Sandalwood, Orange flower Neroli, Linden Flower and Night Blooming Jasmine. With top notes of Sandalwood and warm Amber, the perfume gently fades to an earthy resin like floral ambrosia. Absolutely divine ~

White Magick, a traditonal practice, consists of mystical ideas and transcendental magic, serving humankind by working in the light rather than in the darkness. Every Pagan Witch, and every one of us voluntarily agrees to do no harm. We walk in the light and serve the Goddess. Magick is just one part of our journey.

1/3 ounce of this white magickal oil is contained within a convenient roll-on bottle.

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