White Sage Sacred Smudge Mist 2oz Crystal Infused for Purification of Sacred Space, Clearing, Protection, Longevity & Wisdom . Premium

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Smudging is an old and ancient practice used by witches and Native Americans where the burning of herbs are used for cleansing and purification before sacred ritual. Smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance, clearing and cleansing the home and body of emotional garbage.

Alchemy Ritual White Sage Sacred Smudge Mist is crystal infused and the smokeless way to cleanse and purify your sacred space especially for those who are sensitive to smoking incenses and herbs. My all new natural white sage formula is made by infusing natural organic herbs, pure essential white sage essential oil in a natural vegan spray base safe for skin use. Its a beautiful all-natural herbal ritual spray that contains the same magical and botanical herbal properties of ancient herbs used in smudging rituals. Ideal for small spaces, use to cleanse, purify, raise energy, inviting positive influences to your space. Use during meditation, spray as a room refresher, a personal misting or linen spray. Allow the essence of pure fresh white sage infused and charged with Crystal Quartz to clear space and fill the room with it's all mood encompassing magical energy. 

White Sage is a well known Native American herb used for purification, protection, longevity and wisdom. Its aromatic aroma is a symbol of purity and clarity. To clear the home, simply spray beginning in the eastern corner of your house, moving in a counter-clockwise direction to each corner of the home. When clearing negative energies, you always want to spray or smudge in a counter-clockwise direction. For raising energy bringing that good energy in, spray or smudge clockwise.

Alchemy Ritual Crystal Infused White Sage Sacred Smudge Mist - 2oz

* While Alchemy Ritual Smudge, Body & Linen Mists are safe to use, the government requests that we add these Safety Precautions: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Keep out of the reach of children and away from eyes. Avoid if pregnant. May cause dermatitis in some people with sensitive skin. Make sure you are educated on the use of essential oils before using. By reading and purchasing this listing, you release White Magick Alchemy from any liability arising out of use of this product and agree to use at your own risk.

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