"Widowmaker" Pinecones Coulter Pine Cones, the Heaviest Pine Cone in the World - Baked and Bug Free

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Beautiful "Widowmaker Pinecones" from the rare Coulter Pine, a relative of the Ponderosa Pine and native to Southern California. The Coulter Pine is rarely found in other California locations but you will find an occasional Coulter by accident like we did either standing alone or in a small group.

The Widowmaker Pinecone from the Coulter Pine is the heaviest pine cone known to exist, the long Sugar Pine Cone being the largest pine cone in existance. The Widowmaker is one heck of a heavy cone too weighing in anywhere from a few pounds to 4 pounds. The large heavy spiny cones sit high upon the branches and when they drop you better hope you're not under the Coulter Pine. The cones are so heavy that when they fall to the ground, you can get hit on the head and they may kill you. That's how they got their name, the "Widowmaker". They are dangerous and deadly so watch out when hiking around in beautiful California.

A native of California, never have I seen a pine cone quite like this. We stumbled upon a grove of Coulter Pine trees and on the ground were these amazing killer cones! We had to gather them up, which we did. We took them home and popped them into the oven which crystallizes the abundance of sap on the cone and hardens it so its not sticky at all. When you gather these things off of the ground, these beauties are loaded with sap. The baking process not only neutralizes the sap, but it also kills any ticks, bugs and mites that might be living deep within the cone. What you get is a beautiful freshly baked clean Widowmaker Pinecone.

Super fresh, just fell from the trees, we gathered and baked them ourselves, natural "Widowmaker Pine Cones" from the rare Coulter Pine Tree collected in the Sierra Mountain Forest in California. Inside the cones are pine nuts that are nature's food for all of the bears, mountain lions, fox and other wild creature that live in the forest. 

These look great displayed in a large basket or on your fireplace mantle. Great for holiday home decor, retail displays, cabin and lodge theme decor.

Naturally harvested and sap free - Each cone measures approx 8" - 9" inches

Hope you love these amazing Pine Cones! From our hearth to yours -xo

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