Witches Coin Ritual Spell Jar Vigil Candle . Money, Prosperity, Business Success and Abundance

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Many are faced with the lack of abundance of many forms right now. Financial misfortune is on the minds of many these days especially during a time when economic stress is just adding more to the worldwide struggle of survival and well, just paying the bills! In my work, I share and teach, those who are willing and open, to empower themselves and create change by switching out negative thought patterns with positive thought patterns. That right there is key. People are looking for spiritual renewal and are in need of a new perspective to create change within their lives. And with the incorporation of magick, magickal aids, herbs, crystals, carefully executed oils, candles and a heavy dose of positive intent, many are understanding and harnessing the power of magick, embracing personal empowerment within, and utilizing the power of universal and Divine energy and making changes within their lives!~

Candle magick is truly an amazing way to incorporate magick and change into your life. I highly suggest beginning with candle magick if you are new to spells and magick, or beginning a new spiritual journey and understanding of wicca and the pagan path. If you are having financial struggles, my Witches Coin Ritual Spell Jar Vigil Candle can be harnessed with intent to bring about change in money matters and business finances. Abundance shows itself in many different forms. You have to be able to acknowledge the signs. You have to believe in change otherwise it won't find its way to you. 

Our Witches Coin Ritual Spell Jar Vigil Candle has been charged, blessed, and dressed with empowering herbs, flowers and crystals to facilitate bringing forth money, prosperity, business success and abundance.

Detailed instructions are on the back. 
Each candle measures 8 inches tall and 2.25 round
Burn time is approximately 120 hours

These types of glass jar candles are meant to be burned continuously or for extended periods of time, thus earning them name "Vigil Lights. They can be extinguished and relit daily as safety reminds is to never leave burning candles unattended.

If you cannot burn your Spell Candle perhaps for safety reasons or you don't want anyone to see your candles intention, please note in Message to Seller that you do not want the labels to be applied to the glass jar candle. They will be enclosed with your candle though so that you have all the detailed ritual spell instructions. Candles are unscented. You might also want to add a corresponding spell ritual oil to strengthen you in your magickal working.

Never leave burning candles unattended ~

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