Witches New Year Blessings Candles for Blue Moon Samhain Ritual, Releasing & Setting Intentions for a Renewed Destiny

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Welcome the “Season of the Witch”, the magickal season of Samhain. Not only is Samhain the time of year when we connect with our ancestors and the spirit world, October 31st also marks the official Witches New Year. As the year draws to a close, it is a time of endings, reflection of mortality, and releasing that which no longer serves in the mundane world. For the future is time a time of hope, new beginnings, shedding the old, and setting intentions focusing on a refreshed and renewed destiny.

The focused intention behind my new Witches New Year Blessings candles this year has everything to do with harnessing the power the full blue moon that will be illuminating us upon this very special night! Vanquishing the negative stall, clearing space, cleansing the physical body, releasing that which is not serving humankind, animal-kind, and mother earth at this critical moment in time. With so much unbalance and uncertainty facing the world right now, each one of us is being affected in some way. The intent is to banish and clear out the old, balance and clear the present, and then send healing, peace, love, and blessings into the universe. A ritual of strength, faith and hope as we begin our journey into the new year.

I invite you to hold vigil with me Samhain eve! I’m not very good at these things like doing videos like others are, but I will be lighting my candle(s) at 7pm Samhain eve, October 31st, west coast time here at the house. That would be 10pm east coast time. If you would like to join me in candle ritual for the New Year that would be so amazing! I think now more than ever its so important for all of us to come together. We’re all needing peace, stability and protection right now, in addition to healing energies on so many levels. I mean essentially, we could compile a list of necessary intentions right? This Samhain is an important one. Lets join our power together on Samhain Eve in vigil for our future and to illuminate a solid path to our future.

New smaller sized Vigils, these handy glass jar candles burn approx 50 hours, loaded with powerful herbs and flowers indicative to the intent, wax is unscented ready to anoint and infuse with your own magickal ritual oils of choice for the night.

Samhain blessings to you & yours. May you be blessed -


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