Witches Power Potion for Spells and Magick

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This unique and beautiful purple potion bottle contains a blend of the most powerful and magical organic herbs, crystals, essential oils and White Magick to assist the witch in invoking power, the gods and goddesses, witchcraft, spells and rituals.

A highly concentrated blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, organic herbs of Mugwort, Yarrow, Lavender and Sage, essential oils of Sandalwood, Dragons Blood, Patchouli, Amber, Frankincense and Vanilla with Moonstone, Amethyst, Bloodstone and Citrine gemstone crystals. 

The Purple corked bottle is so beautiful and measures 3 wide by 6 inches tall and hangs on a black iron stand. The potion bottle contains 4 ounces of this aromatic magickal oil, made under the light of the Full Moon. A beautiful hanging adornment to your altar area an adorned with silver chain and a charm, this oil can be used for conjuring and assisting in most any spell. Love drawing, money spells, protection, prosperity, banishing, phychic vision, sacred magick, moon work, etc. An absolutely magickal and earthly perfume oil as well.

All of my Alchemy Ritual Oils are made in the old Pagan tradition and are used to anoint candles during spell and ritual work, to anoint the body as a perfume, for anointing tools or burned in an oil burner. Because the potion bottle is a deep dark purple, your oil will be protected from the damaging sunlight which can cause oils to turn. Safe for skin use, I always advise testing a bit on the skin beforehand, as some essential oils can be very strong and sometimes harmful to the skin. Charms may vary.

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1 Review

2nd Dec 2011

Great tool

i patiently waited for this beauty! I used it to help charge my stones, and to anoint candles. The smell is earthy and musky. When I put it on my candles, the energy just shifts in the room. Well worth the wait and money to get this.

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