Witches Wisdom Ultimate Power Spell | Wisdom, Strength, Spirituality, Psychic Awareness

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Empower your inner wisdom, intuition, spirituality and power with our charged and witch blessed Witches Wisdom Ultimate Power Spell. Crafted for those who seek to empower the divine and raise your energy and wisdom to its highest levels for protection, meditation, channeling, spiritual growth and psychic awareness. Cleanse and renew the body and mind of negative energies to enhance healing energy opening the conscious mind to intuition and psychic power, bringing forth the wisdom, spirituality, strength and abundance that has always been within your reach.

White Magick Alchemy Jar Spells are designed to aid you in completing simple and focused spells effortlessly. And know that each of the components contained within this spell kit have been charged with intent drawing upon the positive forces of white magick to aid in your spell workings.

You will receive:

One Bottle of Witches Wisdom Incense
One Bottle of Witches Wisdom Ritual Spell Oil
Purple Taper Candle
One detailed Spell Scroll

Contained in a glass corked bottle adorned with a bronze hanging adornment.

Candle holder and cauldron pictured not included.

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