Yerba Santa and White Sage Smudge Wand Large 9" for Cleansing and Clearing the Home of Negativity, Spiritual Cleansing, Banishing, Protection

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Smudging is an old and ancient practice used by witches and Native Americans where the burning of herbs are used for cleansing and purification before sacred ritual. Smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance.

These beautiful White Sage and Yerba Santa smudge wands are ideal for cleansing the home and the body, clearing away negative energies and removing emotional garbage. White sage has a lovely sweet aromatic aroma and is known for its healing properties and is a symbol of purity. Yerba Santa, also known as "Holy Herb" in Spanish, has a history of reverence both within the cultures of the Native Americans that existed where it grows as well as with the Spanish settlers who migrated there. Burn it within your smudging practice to help with purification, spiritual cleansing and protection. Allow the natural essence of these ancient herbs guide your spiritual journeys, and in seeking your innermost self.

Light the wand and smoke all around your body to cleanse and purify yourself. This is done before ritual or spell casting. To clear the home, light the sage wand and begin in the eastern corner of your house, moving in a widdershins (counterclockwise) direction to each corner of the home. SInce you are banishing negative energies, you always want to smudge in a counterclockwise direction. Extinguish in a abalone shell after use.

Each wand is a bundle of dried White Sage ad Yerba Santa tied together with thread. Measures approximately 9 inches long. You will receive one beautiful Yerba Santa smudge wand.

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