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Finally got a chance to make another small batch of my Black Cat Oil just in time for Samhain. It is a special blend of powerful exotic herbs, essential oils and black cat hair from my magical little familiar Gonzi, who serves as my assistant during magical reversing and luck spells. He comes proudly and willingly and jumps right up onto our altar to assist during spells that need a little extra charge by a mortal black cat. This is his favorite blend and he rubs against the bottles and enjoys wearing it as a cologne for his late night cat soirees.

My Black Cat Oil and was formulated for reversing bad luck and aiding in money drawing spells. Black Cat Oil is said to assist gamblers in good money luck. Personally I use Black Cat during waning phases to harness full potential for reversing luck, and for opening the portal to abundance, prosperity and success!

This little bottle contains approx 3 ml of Black Cat Oil good for several uses. A little goes a long way so use sparingly. Can be used as personal anointing oil. I don’t have any problems wearing it, but test a bit first and do not use if you have a reaction to it. Use with black candles for reversing and banishing, green candles for luck and money spells. The natural alluring essence of essential oils is lovely as a perfume. 

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